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Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Tesi di dottorato

Theatre and theatrical activities outside theatre buildings - Happenings, Events, Instrumental Theatre, Arena Teater Båten, Street Theater and Park Theatre in 1960s’ Stockholm.

The dissertation deals with six different forms of theatre that were performed outside the traditional theatre buildings in the 1960s in Stockholm. They are here considered as peculiar artistic expressions of their time. The subject in itself requires a holistic approach. Referring to concepts drawn from anthropology, aesthetic, performance studies and history of art, I will define firstly three categories’ theatricality. In the specific, the three categories I write about – visuality, intermedia and outdoor theatre, might always be looked at from the points of view of the global and the local. Each event is ascribed to one of these classes.

First of all, through the examination of adequate examples, I will particularly state how the works represented the categories which they are ascribed to and how they could relate to the audience.

Although these works featured very different esthetics, it is worth to explore the eventual common characteristics or results. In their attempt to manipulate the spectator-presentation relationship, they might have come up to something similar. I would also like to have a chance to question the boundaries that I have set to distinguish the three different categories.

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Letteratura, musica, cinema e teatro.

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